HeLab Analysis and Medical Center is located in the heart of Florence with the aim of creating a unique service of continuity through analysis, diagnosis and treatment.

HeLab works together with a team of different specialists, prepared to interface with the multiculturality hosted by Florence.

Focusing for more than 10 years on urogenital microbiological analysis, our Lab activity is equipped with the most innovative instruments (end-point and real-time PCR) and offers a wide range of analytical tests.

WHY “HeLab”?
Our Lab’s name honors the story of a woman who died of cervical cancer: cancer cells were taken by uterine biopsy and treated with “telomerase”, an enzyme of the Human Papilloma Virus which allowed these cells (HeLa) not to age.
HeLa cells are widely used in genetic medical research still nowadays.
As our Lab is specialized in analyzing sexually transmitted infections, including Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), its name wants to honor this woman who contributed in developing so many studies and therapies about this topic.