How to get to HELAB

To book an appointment and for more information contact us:

055 474983

You can get to HELAB

| by car

  • parking spots available at Parterre Parking and Piazza Libertà

| by bus

From the city center:
  • line 1A, 1B, 25, 25A bus stop: Libertà;
  • line 7 bus stop: Don Minzoni Giordano (around 400 mform the square);
  • line 8 bus stop: Lavagnini porta S. Gallo;
  • line 10, 11, 17, 20 bus stop: Fra Bartolomeo Capponi
Going towards the city center:
  • Line 1, 7 bus stop: Don Minzoni Libertà;
  • line 8 bus stop: Matteotti Libertà;
  • line 10, 11, 17B, 17C, 20 bus stop: Fra Bartolomeo Matteotti;
  • line 25 bus stop: Ponte rosso;

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