Urine 1° void

Required material

  • urine collection sterile container

How to collect the sample

  • wait about 7 days from the end of menstruation
  • wait at least 7 days from the end of any antibiotic therapy
  • use water and a neutral soap to wash your hands and, thoroughly, the urethral orifice and the surrounding area. Then dry the cleaned areas
  • open the sterile container taking care not to touch the edge and inside. COLLECT A SMALL AMOUNT OF THE FIRST STREAM OF THE URINE in the sterile container
  • close the container being careful not to contaminate its edge
  • deliver to the laboratory as soon as possible, otherwise keep it in the fridge at 4°C for max 24h. Keep away from heat sources.

(If you have a doctor's recommendation, please bring it to the time of the examination)

How to collect results

Results can be received by email, ordinary mail or collected personally at HeLab from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.

In case you delegate someone to deliver your sample or to collect your result, it is necessary to present the signed form “Sample delivery form” or “Result collection form” together with the copy of your own ID card and the copy of the person’s ID card you delegate.